Shine Venus
Solar system brings astronomers extensive research. Venus is the second planet in the solar system, and does not have its own natural satellite. In brightness it is the third object in the sky, and in order it is the Sun, the Moon, and then Venus. The apparent magnitude of the planet is from -3, 5 to -4.6. In addition, planet is seen during a clear day. It is brightest when about 27% of its disc is lit. Therefore, planet is also called the “Star of day”, but the planet is also called the Earth Sister. This is because it is similar in size and mass to the Earth. The equatorial diameter of the planet is 12,104 kilometers, and it has about 81% of the Earth’s mass. However, although it is close to Earth, not much detail can be seen. The view from Earth shows the smooth glow of planet clouds.
Unlike other planets, Venus and Uranus rotate clockwise. One detail is interesting. A day on planet is longer than one year. This is because the planet rotates slowly around its axis, and it takes 243 Earth days to make one rotation. To orbit the Sun, planet needs 225 Earth days. Based on this, we see that planet’ year is shorter than one day. Mercury is closest to the Sun, but not the warmest. With an average surface temperature of 462 ° C (863 ° F), Venus is the warmest planet in the solar system. There are no seasons, because Venus does not tilt along the axis.
Clouds of the planet
Clouds surrounding planet stretch from 50 to 90 kilometers above the planet’s surf




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