Horsehead and Orion nebulas
I absolutely can’t wait to add colour to this image! This particular image really hit home for me the true power of the DSLR Ha clip filter as this was captured under a nearly full moon!! This is the Flame, Horsehead and Orion nebulas all in one FOV using my Samyang 135mm lens. I had some horrible moon glow gradients around the edges, but with a bit of cropping I could remove it. Then with some Photoshop magic I was able to not only bring out these nebulas, but the interstellar clouds that surround them too. This is why Orion is my favourite constellation! I know that the core of the Orion nebula is overexposed here, so I will have to image the nebula again with a shorter exposure and blend it into this image.

EXIF data:
Canon 6D UV/IR cut filter mod
Astronomik 12nm Ha clip filter
Samyang 135mm F/2.8
Sky Watcher Star Adventurer star tracker
Manfrotto 055 tripod
60x120 second tracked light exposures, ISO 1600, F/2.8
20x120 second dark exposures, ISO 1600, F/2.8
50x1/5 second flat exposures, ISO 1600, F/2.8
50x1/5 second dark flat exposures, ISO 1600, F/2.8
50x1/4000 second bias exposures, ISO 1600, F/2.8
Total integration time of 1 hour and 56 minutes
Denver, UK
Bortal 4 zone
Stacked in DSS. Edited in Photoshop/Photoshop Express App




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