Cosmic distance
The universe has been studied for centuries. Scientists are trying to determine how big and old the universe we see is. The number calculated is 13.8 billion light-years. Therefore, the universe is so big. However, this should not fool you. The universe is expanding, and the image we see from deep space is certainly no longer the same. Light travels 13.8 billion years. Therefore, all this time the universe is expanding. Calculations show that it is possible — that the universe today is close to 90 billion light years. We see what we see in the moment. The Hubble Space Telescope broke the record in finding and photographing the most distant object in space. That’s a big cosmic distance.
GN-Z11 galaxy
It is a galaxy called GN-Z11 and is located in the constellation Ursa Major. The image of the galaxy you see is light that has traveled the expanses of deep space for an incredible 13.4 billion years. Photons of light set off from GN-Z11 approximately 400 million years after the Big Bang. That’s only 3 percent of the current age of the universe we know. By processing the 11.1 “redshift” data, the distance of the galaxy was calculated, and other data showed that at the time, GN-Z11 was 25 times smaller and had only 1 percent of the stars the Milky Way has today. How GN-Z11 looks like today (after 13.4 billion years), and where it is now — no one knows.
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