Big planet
Neptune is the eighth farthest planet from the Sun in the solar system. The planet is the fourth largest planet in diameter, and the radius of Neptune is 24764 kilometers. It orbits the Sun at an average distance of 30.1 AJ. This beautiful blue planet was discovered in September 1846, and has been intensively explored ever since. However, Neptune has been visited by only one Voyager 2 spacecraft, and thus this planet is not easy to analyze. Therefore, for a long time, planet was a mysterious planet in the solar system. The spacecraft passed by Neptune in August 1989, and then a large dark spot was noticed on the south side. The winds blowing on Neptune are the reason for the existence of this dark spot.
The Voyager 2 spacecraft captured high clouds that cast shadows on the lower layer of clouds. The data on the distance of Neptune from us is interesting. The signal sent by Voyager 2 traveled to Earth in 246 minutes. The planet furthest from the Sun has a large orbit around the Sun. Therefore, it is not surprising that for one circle around the Sun, planet needs 165 years. However, the planet moves around its axis very quickly. Neptune’s day is a little over 4 p.m. Above all, because of a planet that is big. Neptune’s outer atmosphere is one of the coldest places in the solar system. Temperatures at the tops of the clouds are −218 ° C, and in the center of the planet it is approximately 5,000 ° C.




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