Helix Nebula
Watching the sky is a big challenge, and a nice experience. There are many beautiful objects to see. When we look at these objects, we see beautiful images in the sky. Above all, we all enjoy it. Astronomers agree that these are the most beautiful objects in the universe. Nebulae are space objects that consist of a glowing shell of gas. Giant stars are throwing out this stuff. The Helix Nebula is one of many beautiful planetary nebulae. The Helix Nebula is one of the closest planetary nebulae. The nebula is 650 light-years away. Helix nebula has an apparent magnitude of 7.3. You can see Helix in the constellation Aquarius. In space dimensions, the Helix nebula is close to the solar system.
The size of the nebula
The nebula is a large observation object and astronomers are looking for it in the sky. Object has a diameter of 16 arc minutes, and is larger than half a full moon. Whole space is close to the diameter of the moon. Astronomers expect to easily see. That’s not true. The nebula is a pretty bright object but light is scattered all over the object. Then the object is barely visible. The shape of the Helix Nebula has been a mystery for many years. In the middle of the nebula is a white dwarf. Astronomers have one question. What’s going on around the white dwarf.
Space Telescope
Using the Spitzer Space Telescope, scientists examined the Helix Nebula in detail. The telescope makes many images. At a distance of 5 to 15 billion kilometers from the center and




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