2 min readApr 17, 2021

Bright star
Hamal is the main star in the constellation Aries and is 66 light-years from Earth. So the light of the star we see started from the star 66 years ago. With 2.0 apparent magnitude, star dominates the Aries constellation. This star is ranked 49th in brightness in the night sky, and is visible to the naked eye. Hamal shines 90 times brighter than our Sun, and is 12 times larger than the Sun. This is an orange-red giant, and the surface temperature of the Hamal star is 4500 K. It is assumed that many planets formed around the star over time. However, one extrasolar planet orbiting the star has been confirmed. But I repeat, the weather ahead of us will probably bring confirmations of a number of planets orbiting the star.

Distance Hamal stars
Like everything in space, star is moving and approaching the Earth at a speed of 14.64000 km / s. However, the universe is so large that there is not the slightest fear that a collision will occur soon. If he ever comes. And finally to try to understand the distance of the Hamal star of 66 light years from us. The New Horizons probe is currently moving at a speed of about 55,100 km / h. If it moved in the direction of the Hamal star, it would reach that area in approximately one million three hundred thousand years. And an Airbus A380 with a speed of 1180 km / h, would fly to the star for sixty million years. The universe is huge.

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