The comet’s atlas disintegrated
Extremely many beautiful objects in the sky, bring great excitement when observing. Planetary nebulae, galaxies, comets bring fascinating photographs that show the universe much more beautiful than many think. Observers approach this distant space objects with awe, and many of them agree that comets are perhaps the most beautiful objects to appear in the sky. We had high expectations of the Atlas Comet these months, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. The comet disintegrated just in the days when we were expecting the start of the spectacle. We recently saw a Neowis comet. But I want us to remember another comet.
Halley comet
However, just over 20 years ago, we witnessed a spectacle in the sky — in the form of the appearance of comet Hale-Bopp. Many well remember that comet, which fascinated observers for a long time with its beauty. Then we saw it clearly, and we see it again in approximately 3100 years. Of course we won’t be lucky enough to see her again. Comets often have very large orbits and therefore take many years to be close again, and to be visible to the naked eye again. But there are also comets that will return to us relatively quickly. It is the Halley comet we last saw on February 9, 1986. The next arrival was calculated on July 28, 2061, and by the dates we see that it is an orbital period of 75 years. Although Halley the comet is a “frequent guest”, it is still a lot for our lives. Perhaps that period is best shown by the