Four star system
The North Star is easy to find. It is probably the most famous object. On cold winter nights we see a bright Capella in the constellation Auriga. Capella is a beautiful object that dominates Aurig. The Capella is visible to the naked eye and that is why you do not need a telescope. It has 0.08 apparent magnitude. It is 49 light-years from Earth. We see it as a single object but Capella is a four object system. The multiple Capella system was discovered in 1899. It is actually a system consisting of two pairs stars. Some have names: Capella Aa, Capella Ab, Capella H and Capella L.The Capella pairs are divided into a brighter pair of Capella Aa and Capella Ab objects , and the weaker pair Capella H and Capella L. Capella Aa and Capella Ab are giant objects that are quite bigger than our Sun. Capella Aa is 11.98 and Capella Ab is 8.83 higher than the Sun.
Pair of stars
This pair of stars orbits approximately at a distance — what is the distance from the Sun to Venus. The other (much weaker) pair of objects are the two dwarfs — Capella H and Capella L. These are red dwarfs that are much smaller than the sun. Capella H is almost half smaller and Capella L is six times smaller than the Sun. How do they see themselves from Earth? The apparent magnitude of the brighter pair is almost the same, and is about 0.08 mag. A weaker pair of objects has a different shine. The apparent magnitude of Capella H is 10.15 and Capella L is 13.7 apparent magnitude.

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Our Place in the World Wide Universe

Our Place in the World Wide Universe.

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