The phenomenon of the sky
Occasional or sporadic meteors can be seen every clear night. A meteor is a type of light phenomenon that occurs when meteoroids (or smaller celestial bodies) heat up when they pass through the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed (up to 72 km / s). A meteor is a broader name for a celestial body that passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, including an accompanying phenomenon. The Balajinagar meteor is one of those space objects that fell to Earth.
Balajinagar meteor
In the morning (6:20) on June 19, 2020, the locals of the village of Balajinagar in India — they saw a light trail in the sky and heard a strong detonation. All of this happened moments before an object weighing approximately 2,790 grams fell to the ground. They soon found the scene and a rare example of a stone flying in from distant parts of space. When they found this iron meteor — it was very hot. It took three hours to cool down, and the local laboratory did the first analysis of this facility. The results showed that the surface layer of the contained 85.86% iron, 10.23% nickel and 0.78% cobalt. Other analysis and classification will be done in Delhi.

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