Ring galaxy
Huge and infinite distances in space bring incredibly beautiful objects. Many people like to observe planets but in the depths of space are objects of fascinating shapes and colors. This to me is one of my favorite objects. I want to write something about AM 0644–741 galaxy. As you can see, this is a wonderful ring galaxy that you can find in the direction of the southern constellation Volans. It is 300 million light-years away from us, and continues to accelerate at 6600 km / sec. The characteristic of the AM 0644–741 is that it has a blue ring diameter of 150,000 light-years — much larger than our galaxy. This is an interesting space object, and astronomers have come to the conclusion that it was created in a ring by pulling one galaxy by gravity into another. It penetrates directly through the disk of the target galaxy.
A space of hot stars
In this case, that first galaxy is probably the one located at the bottom right of the image. It created waves in the gas of another galaxy, which then produced a expanding gas ring in AM 0644. This gas ring triggered the birth of a large number of new stars. The explanation for the blue color of the ring is simple. Young, massive, and hot stars are forming in this space, which are blue in color, and this ring has been given a dominant blue color. However, these cosmic stars do not last long, and after millions of years and spent nuclear fuel — they explode like supernovae. If we were to live in a galaxy like this, we wou




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